Archived Articles

16 Mar 2020

Meeting - March 2020

Submitted by Wayne Rumley

A planned double-second but work commitments prevented one of our Entered Apprentices from being able to attend.  A single-second was the order of the day.

We were missing our Junior Deacon who was a little under the weather, but we had a fine stand in with one of our Past Masters, who performed the role perfectly, despite having no notice!

14 Feb 2020

Meeting - February 2020

Submitted by Wayne Rumley
Paul - the WM, Bob and Craig.

A special meeting for us this month.  We celebrated the 50th Anniversary of WBro Bob Parsons.  As it was Bob's special night, we took the opportunity of having a 'night off' from ritual, thus ending a two year run of 'live' ceremonies.  A welcomed respite!

The Lodge was opened and we then admitted our official Fraternal visitors, before receiving the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W Bro Simon Craig Steele, who was in attendance to present the 50-year certificate to Bob.

10 Jan 2020

Meeting - January 2020

Submitted by Wayne Rumley

Happy New Year!  As ever for us, new year and first full outing of the new team.  Nothing like putting them straight to the test, as we have done for the past few years, and this year we did it with a double-second.  It's incredible to think that it's the second double-second we've done in recent months, and we still have another four people to put through this ceremony!  We're planning on doing doubles for those, too.

For the first time in a little while we had a full complement of floor officers, and it was great to see them all perform admirably in their new positions.

15 Dec 2019

Installation - December 2019

Submitted by Wayne Rumley
Our new Worshipful Master.

Where has 2019 gone?  December is upon us and, for Palatine, that can mean only one thing, our Annual Installation.

For the first time since 2015 we have a brand new Worshipful Master, with the installation of our Senior Warden, Master Elect, into the Chair of King Solomon; Brother Paul Staines.

The representative on the evening was friend of the lodge, WBro Ian Telfer, ably assisted, once again, by WBro Richard Davison, as his Director of Ceremonies, both of whom were given a very warm welcome into the lodge.

12 Oct 2019

Meeting - October 2019

Submitted by Wayne Rumley

Well, after a run of seven straight initiations we simply had to start working through our backlog of ceremonies, especially as some of our newer members will be stepping on to the ladder in December.

Our nine Entered Apprentices have just been reduced to seven; we did a double second degree ceremony this month.  The first in a very long time - we've not had one since I've been a member, and I've been in almost 10 years!

13 Sep 2019

Meeting - September 2019

Submitted by Wayne Rumley

We're back from recess and straight back to business.  Another initiation: A Magnificent Seven.  Every one of our meetings this year has been to introduce a new candidate to Freemasonry, and what a great bunch of guys they are, even if we do say so ourselves.

Anthony has been waiting in the wings for a little while, having first contacted us in October of last year.  As they say, patience is a virtue, both for him and for us, and we were very glad to finally be able to count him as a brother. 

6 Sep 2019

Discover Freemasonry

Submitted by Wayne Rumley
14 Jun 2019

Meeting - June 2019

Submitted by Wayne Rumley

Hit for six!  We have now completed the first half of the year, and have been very fortunate in being able to initiate a new candidate at every one of our meetings.

Another candidate from our website, this one approaching us having had a conversation with a family member who is a Freemason down in Brighton.  Suffice it to say, he came well recommended when due enquiries were made, and we were most pleased to welcome him to the Craft.   

12 Apr 2019

Meeting - April 2019

Submitted by Wayne Rumley

Another month, another meeting, another Initiation; four in a row!

This time around, the candidate was the father of one of our other recent initiates (October of last year).  To my recollection, it is the first time the proposer has himself still been an Entered Apprentice, and one of those rare occasions whereby a son introduces the father, rather than the other way around.  A number of changes to the Officers this month due to holidays and work commitments, including a stand-in Worshipful Master, but, I'm pleased to report we were still able to deliver a first-class ceremony.