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11 Jun 2016

Meeting - June 2016

Submitted by Wayne Rumley

We signed off for recess with an easy one. Owing to a holiday mix-up, we didn't have a bar steward for the festive board, so it was decided we would have a very short meeting, formalities only, then head off to the local curry house.

We had a good collection of fraternal visitors from Thornhill Lodge No 3216, Peace and Unity Lodge No 6312, Lodge of Harmony No 4224 and Ernest Dixon Lodge No 7856.

9 Jun 2016

Another great visit last night at Fawcett Lodge.

We were witness to the initiation of a new brother, Alan Elliott, and I'm sure he'll be a welcome addition to their lodge.

Vistors were out in force, with fifteen lodges represented on the night, and they all saw a well performed ceremony by the stand-in Worshipful Master, Past Masters', and other officers in the lodge.

A good time was had by all at the festive board, and for the third visit in a row, I won the raffle! I'm sure they're fixing it so that I'll go back!

Looking forward to the next one.

21 May 2016

We had another great visit last night.

A very friendly reception by the Brethren, and good demonstration of the Second Degree in the Lodge. The usual good fayre at the Festive Board and some excellent harmony, too.

As the visiting Master, I then went and pulled my own ticket out for the raffle draw! I won at Lodge Stewart on Tuesday night, too, but I didn't pull that ticket out!

19 May 2016

Visit to Lodge Stewart No. 4261

Submitted by Wayne Rumley

We had our Fraternal visit to Lodge Stewart on the evening of Tuesday 17th May, 2016.

We were lucky enough to be there on the night of a 'live' inititiation, of a Mr Ian Wilson. First class ceremony delivered by the WM and PMs', and from the way Ian handled himself during the course of the ceremony, he will be a fine addition to their Lodge, and indeed Freemasonry in general.

Corned-beef pie at the Festive Board, too!