About Palatine Lodge

Over the course of its history, Palatine Lodge has been blessed with many keen historians. Our Histories have been created in three distinct volumes. The first volume, compiled and written by WBro E G Watson, PPDGDC, who was Worshipful Master of the Lodge in 1890. The second volume, compiled and written by WBro G E Pearson, PPGStdB, who was Worshipful Master of the Lodge in 1918 and 1919; and the third volume, compiled and written by WBro C H M Culkin, PPJGW, a Past Master in Mowbray No. 5373, who was a member of this Lodge.

WBro Culkin was instrumental in creating our first Lodge website, and the below history forms part of his legacy:



As part of the celebrations of the 250th Anniversary of Palatine Lodge No. 97 (formerly Sea Captains’ Lodge No 218) it was decided that a full history of the Lodge dating from its formation on 14th January 1757, to 11th January 2007, should be compiled.

Given the quality of the two official histories of the Lodge contained in Volume 1 (1757 to 1907), and Volume 2 (1907 to 1937), it was felt appropriate to digitally copy them and combine this rich 180-year history with the last 70 years, Volume 3 (1937 to 2007).

The three Histories were then recorded together on to a high capacity disc and Internet downloadable PDFdocument with the hope that masons and non masons alike may appreciate our history; the extent of our charitable work, and our care in the community, starting in the old Port of Sunderland 250 years ago and continuing to the present day in our great City of Sunderland.