Volume One History 1757-1907

WBro E G Watson, WM 1890

In compiling the History of Palatine Lodge No 97, I am actuated solely by the desire to impart the knowledge which it has been my privilege to acquire, to the Worshipful Master, Wardens and Brethren of my Mother Lodge, whom I particularly request to see that it is regularly transferred to the custody of each successive Worshipful Master on his Installation Day.

After much deliberating as to the Plan to be adopted, Chronological or Analytical. I chose the latter, as being the better course calculated to portray a fuller conception of the whole, by focussing in detail, its several dependent parts.

In pursuance of this decision I have thereby been enabled to fulfil this Task in well defined sections, chronologically developed, and strictly in the compass of the Lodge Records, besides expatiating on such subjects as: -- 'Ancients and Moderns', 'The Royal Masonic Institutions' and paying tribute to the careers of certain exemplary characters.


Digital Archives of our history 1757-1907

W.Bro E G Waston Index

Introduction to History

Warrants of Lodge


Changes of Names / Numbers / Places

Manners and customs

Policy of Lodge re Masonic Hall

Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham

Watson's Ye Williamsons

United meetings of Sunderland Lodges




Succession of WMs


Membership of Lodge

Speeches and addresses


150th Anniversary