14 Nov 2021

Quarterly Review

Submitted by Wayne Rumley

I thought it was time I posted once again about our meetings!

As with all Lodges throughout the country, we have been under a general suspension and no meetings were taking place.  Bar a brief respite where we had one meeting in September 2020, with nine members present due to the restrictions at the time, we were inactive from March 2020 through to September 2021.  It is fair to say that few Lodges have come through the pandemic unscathed, and we have not been immune.  Numbers returning to Freemasonry are still on the low side for now, but hopefully they will continue to pick up and we can all get back to enjoying ourselves fully in 2022.

Our first meeting back was a Proclamation Ceremony where our sitting Worshipful Master was once again put in the Chair.  October should have been a Second Degree ceremony proper but unfortunately the candidate was unable to make it.  November was a Second Degree ceremony proper for one of our other members.  We now have six Brothers all waiting for their Third Degree ceremony.

Meanwhile the candidate list is still strong.  December is our Installation meeting, where everyone is staying in place in order to complete a full and hopefully uninterrupted year, and we shall be following that in January and February with the Initiation of two new members.

As ever, if you are interested in Freemasonry in any form, curiosity, history, family connections, or you would like to be considered for membership, we welcome all enquiries.  You can use the contact form link at the top of the site to get in touch.  We answer all enquiries.

Until the next time.