26 Nov 2023

Sir William Allan

Submitted by Steve Thompson
At Scotia Engine Works, circa 1900


Sir William Allan was initiated into Palatine Lodge No. 97 in 1890 and remained a member until his death in 1903.  

He was an interesting character, his London Times Obituary, dated the 29th December 1903, documents a remarkably interesting life.

24 Sep 2023

The Eagle has Landed

Submitted by Wayne Rumley
Harry Carter, 72 Years a Mason

For anyone that has visited Palatine, you may have noticed the name that sits atop our list of Past Masters; H. B. Carter, PProvAGStB, 1963.  It’s very unlikely that many of you have met WBro Henry Brian Carter, or know that much about him, but here is a little of his story, and ours.

22 Dec 2022

James Edward Harker

Submitted by Wayne Rumley
James Edward Harker

James [Jim] Edward Harker was born in Middlesbrough on 29th August 1933 into a long line of Fairground Folk [and other Jim Harkers!]:

After leaving his National Service in the RAF in November 1954, during which he worked on Spitfires as a Senior Air craftsman, Jim returned to his life in ‘Civvy’ Street and worked both at the family fairground attractions as well as pursuing a career in the automotive parts supply business.

8 Aug 2021

Samuel Peter Austin

Submitted by Steve Thompson

Samuel Peter Austin, Junior (1842 -1925)

One of the River Wear’s most famous shipbuilders, Samuel Peter Austin, was initiated into Palatine Lodge, No 97, on March 27th, 1868. He played an active role in the Lodge, becoming Worshipful Master in 1873, Treasurer in 1875 and received the honour of Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden (PProvJGW).

The entry for Samuel Peter Austin in Palatine’s Membership Record


26 Feb 2021

Robert Singleton

Submitted by Wayne Rumley
Robert Singleton, WM 1886

Robert Singleton was born in July of 1852 in Garstang, Lancashire, to Robert Clifton Singleton and his wife Susannah (nee Dickinson).  He was the second of six children, having four brothers and a sister.  On the 1861 census his mother is listed as an Innkeeper’s widow, so she was left with a very young family to tend to. 

18 Feb 2021

Sir Edward Temperley Gourley

Submitted by Ray Lathan
Sir Edward Temperley Gourley, NPG.


Sir Edward Temperley Gourley was Initiated into Palatine lodge on the 10th of October 1861. Little is known about his masonic career other than he sustained his membership over a number of decades; he never became Worshipful Master, so it is likely he enjoyed his time on the sidelines.  

He was a notable ship owner and prominent Sunderland figure in the latter part of the 19th Century and was Knighted in 1895 for his political work.

21 Oct 2020

James Hall

Submitted by Wayne Rumley
WBro James Hall, PAGDC, PPGW


The following is taken from our Volume II History book (1937) and is replicated, as written, here.  A postface is added at the bottom to give a little further information.


James Hall

Worshipful Master

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