14 Dec 2021

A Continuation

Submitted by Wayne Rumley
WBro Paul Staines

December is always our Installation Meeting, and was once more on this occasion.  However, this year was different in that our current Worshipful Master, WBro Paul Staines, has remained in place for a third year (two being the usual limit these days).

The past two years have been stilted, for obvious reasons, and so all involved with the Lodge felt it correct that we should ask Paul to continue, which he was glad to do.

I am minded of what I wrote back in December 2019 when he was first installed.

I am sure that with the enthusiasm he has shown so far he will have a brilliant year in office and will set a very good example for others as the lodge figurehead.  One thing is for sure, he will have a busy year as we still have 25 ceremonies to get through!

It is fair to say that his time in office he has been a great WM, but hasn't had the opportunity for a good run.  Here's hoping 2022 will be a far better proposition as we now have an even longer list of ceremonies to get through!