15 May 2023

May Update

Submitted by Wayne Rumley
A visitor from overseas

We've had a very busy year so far. January's First Degree was accompanied by another First Degree in February, a Second Degree in March, a double Second Degree in April and another double Second Degree in May.  We're taking a break from ritual in June - you'll see why next month - and will be busy once more after our recess.

At our May meeting we were pleased to receive an overseas visitor, WBro Jordan Bayles, a Past Master of Terre Haute Lodge No. 19, in the Grand Lodge of Indiana.  We presented him with a copy of our 250th Anniversary Book (2007) and he reciprocated by presenting us with a coin celebrating their 200th Anniversary (2019).  I'm glad to report he enjoyed the evening with us and, if we ever happen to be over that way, we'll be glad to reciprocate.

If you're interested in joining us, as a member or visitor, we'll be very glad to receive you.