25 Mar 2024

March Update

Submitted by Wayne Rumley
January's Meeting

Conscious that we haven't yet posted this year, rest assured we have been busy!

January was another Initiation.  We welcomed Brother Howell to the Lodge, He is pictured here with a number of our newer members (standing to the left of our Worshipful Master - the one with the Square on his collar for any non-masons on viewing).



February was a Second Degree when we passed Brother Ian.  We don't have a picture to share of that, although some were taken, just not with my phone!   We also had a very well attended Lodge of Instruction, 18 including the one behind the camera.  A great turnout, with ten of them adjourning to the local curry house afterwards - something we do after every Lodge of Instruction.

February's Lodge of Instruction


March was another Initiation, this time Brother Dante, to the left of the Worshipful Master.  Dante was initially due to join with Howell in January, but family circumstances meant a slight delay was necessary.  We're pleased to see him amongst us.



April brings a double-second, May is another Initiation, and we're planning a second in June.  We haven't quite finalised the ceremonies for the rest of the year, but we know we'll be busy each month.

If anyone would like to visit, drop us an email.  We'd be pleased to see you.