Third Degree

10 Nov 2018

Meeting - November 2018

Submitted by Wayne Rumley

Another busy evening for us on the night of the 8th November. As is always the case for this meeting, we first had the election of officers for the ensuing year. This was followed by raising one of our newer brothers to the degree of a Master Mason.

Unfortunately, illness, work, and holidays, beset the best laid plans of mice and men.  The three principle officers were all missing!  Thankfully, we knew a little in advance, so a substitute team was quickly put together and the ceremony went very well, once more.  A huge thank-you to all of the stand-ins; they know who they are.

10 Nov 2017

Meeting - November 2017

Submitted by Wayne Rumley

Quite a busy evening for us on the night of the 9th November. Firstly, election of officers for the ensuing year, then raising Bro Paul Wallace to the degree of a Master Mason, completing his journey.

Once again we were beset by absentees, but we did manage to find very able stand-ins to fill in for our missing officers. A huge thank-you to them all; they know who they are, with a special mention going to St. Peter's Lodge No. 8953 for the loan of their Director of Ceremonies, who acted as our ADC and performed some of the ritual.

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