13 Sep 2019

Meeting - September 2019

Submitted by Wayne Rumley

We're back from recess and straight back to business.  Another initiation: A Magnificent Seven.  Every one of our meetings this year has been to introduce a new candidate to Freemasonry, and what a great bunch of guys they are, even if we do say so ourselves.

Anthony has been waiting in the wings for a little while, having first contacted us in October of last year.  As they say, patience is a virtue, both for him and for us, and we were very glad to finally be able to count him as a brother. 

A stand-in Junior Deacon, although a very able stand-in, added to the otherwise full complement of floor officers, and another ceremony was dispatched with the aplomb you would expect considering it's the only ritual we have performed this year!

Our official fraternal visitors were Amity Lodge No. 3193 and Nautilus Lodge No. 4259.

A return to our regular Festive Board and another enjoyable night was had by all.  Formal proceedings closed at 10:30pm with a few of us adjourning to the bar to get to know our new brother a little better, and to make sure he was happy with his experience of the night!

Whilst we still have a couple of potential newcomers on our list, we must turn our attention to progressing our now sizeable list of Entered Apprentices (nine in total). We are planning a double Second degree ceremony next month. The first in many a year.

Please do feel free to contact us if you would like to join us for that meeting.

Until the next time!