12 Oct 2019

Meeting - October 2019

Submitted by Wayne Rumley

Well, after a run of seven straight initiations we simply had to start working through our backlog of ceremonies, especially as some of our newer members will be stepping on to the ladder in December.

Our nine Entered Apprentices have just been reduced to seven; we did a double second degree ceremony this month.  The first in a very long time - we've not had one since I've been a member, and I've been in almost 10 years!

Due to our recruitment run, we've not had the opportunity to perform a second degree since June of last year, prioritising getting our candidates through the door and involved, over passing and raising our current members.  I'm glad to say that we managed to perform a really great ceremony, even with two stand-in deacons (albeit they are both very experienced past masters!)

Liam, who was initiated in September 2018, and Kyle, who celebrated his one year anniversary, having been initiated in October 2018, got the ceremony off to a flying start, both flawlessly answering the necessary questions, and the ritual flowed seemlessly from there.  Liam will be performing his third at our November meeting, allowing him to take a full and active office next year.  Kyle will follow shortly.

Our official fraternal visitors were Lodge Stewart No. 4261 and Lodge of Concord No. 6859, who had their WM in attendance for his very first outing since taking the Chair.

Another good festive board followed, with formal proceedings closing at 10:35pm. As always, a few of us retired to the bar to keep the festivities going.

As ever, we're looking forward to the next one.