10 May 2019

Meeting - May 2019

Submitted by Wayne Rumley

We are rather fortunate that we have had our fifth Initiate in as many months, but it does mean that I'm running out of things to say!

Most of our recent candidates have come via our website, but this one was different, albeit still from finding us from an internet search.  A little over a year ago, I decided to take out a telephone number for the lodge (0191 356 1757, if you're wondering - 1757 being the year of our consecration), and our candidate is the very first to call us up with the desire of joining.  Having done the pre-requisite getting to know you, which involved a couple of our regular curry nights and a Sportsman's evening, everyone was sure that he would make a great Freemason. 

With the exception of our regular Junior Deacon, who was on holiday, all officers were in place, and another fine First Degree ceremony was performed.  The candidate handled himself very well, and I'm sure he will go on to play an active role in the lodge in the not too distant future.

Official fraternal visitors were thin on the ground.  We had Mowbray Lodge No. 5373, who were represented by one of their Past Masters', who is a regular attender at our lodge anyway. We were thankful to have our other regular visitors with us, too, who helped fill out the lodge room.

Another enjoyable festive board followed.

We're not quite sure what next month brings.  Our expected candidate is jetting off to sunnier climes, so some groundwork needs to be done to get one of the other candidates lined up. We shall see what happens! Either way, it will end up in our, now annual, trip to the local curry house for our final festive board before recess.

Until the next time.