16 Mar 2020

Meeting - March 2020

Submitted by Wayne Rumley

A planned double-second but work commitments prevented one of our Entered Apprentices from being able to attend.  A single-second was the order of the day.

We were missing our Junior Deacon who was a little under the weather, but we had a fine stand in with one of our Past Masters, who performed the role perfectly, despite having no notice!

Shaun was the candidate on this occasion.  The father of one of our other recent members, he followed his son in to The Craft, and has again caught up with him, both now being Fellow Crafts.  Shaun was initiated in April of last year, so has had a little wait, as has been the case for all of our recent members.  It was clear to see that he had put a lot of effort into the questions, and got the night off to a good start. Everyone was in good form and we had another great ceremony.

Our official fraternal visitors were Lord Barnard Lodge No. 2935.  Always a joy to see them as two of their brethren never miss our meetings.

An enjoyable and jovial festive board followed.

Whilst there was talk of those of a certain age going into self-isolation, I think the following days took us all quite by surprise.  Better safe than sorry, and following the command from the Grand Master, His Royal Highness, The Duke of Kent, we now find ourselves on a four month suspension of all activities.  We are now not due to meet again until September, and that's assuming the world is back to normal by then.

Here's hoping everyone can stay safe and well, and we look forward to meeting with our many friends once this pandemic is over.

Until then.