15 Mar 2019

Meeting - March 2019

Submitted by Wayne Rumley

Our latest regular meeting was held on 14th March.  The ceremony was another initiation; three in a row.

On this occasion, the candidate was a relative of the Worshipful Master, so, as well as being the candidate's Father's cousin, he's also now his Brother!  The candidate's actual brother, a member of a different lodge, was also in attendance to see him initiated. Once more, a great performance from all of the officers involved, with the candidate, again, conducted himself very well, too.  Another great addition to the lodge, I'm sure.

Last month, if you read the article, you'll have noted that Bro Albert Douglass should have received his 50 year certificate.  We had planned to present this to him at his home, but managed to persuade him to come along this month, so held back in order that it could be presented to him in the lodge.  He was very pleased to receive it.

Our Fraternal visitors on this occasion were Lord Bardnard Lodge No. 2935.  Two of their brethren are always in attendance at our meetings, one of whom is our Tyler, and the other always prepared to jump into any chair that is vacant, so we were joined by a third. Some of our other regulars were also in attendance, but it was a quiet night by normal standards.

The regular festive board followed.

Once more, next month brings another initiation, four in a row, with still more people enquiring.  Busy times!

Until the next time.