13 Jan 2019

Meeting - January 2019

Submitted by Wayne Rumley

Once again, January bring us a fresh new year and the first meeting with our newly installed officers, and also once again, we started the year with an initiation. There's nothing like putting them immediately to the test!

Due to work, we had a stand-in Junior Deacon, but, thankfully, it was an old-hand that put in a fine performance, depite being one of our regular visitors rather than one of our own - his ritual is different!  Our candidate also put in a very good show with an air of confidence about his responses.  It certainly bodes well for his future journey with us.

Our Fraternal visitors on this occasion were Phoenix Lodge No. 94, represented by their Worshipful Master, who was accompanied by a good number of brethren, and St. Peter's Lodge No. 8953, represented by their Senior Warden.  We also had a good contingent of non-fraternal visitors.

The festive board produced its usual fayre and good cheer amongst the brethren.

We are fortunate that we have a lot of candidates in the pipeline.  This year saw us in the unusual situation of having 7 potential candidates. We are now up to 8 potential candidates, with at least 5 I have full confidence in progressing through to joining us.  It's going to be a busy year.  Our next 3 meetings, at least, will be initiations.

Next month will also see a 50 year certificate presented to one of our members by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W Bro Craig Steele.  The brother in question hasn't been in the best of health lately, so we very much hope he is feeling well enough to attend.  He has been a miss over the last few months.

Until the next time.