15 Feb 2019

Meeting - February 2019

Submitted by Wayne Rumley

On the evening of the 14th February, some of you may have been celebrating Valentine's Day.  We were celebrating Palatine's Day!

The ceremony was another initiation. The third new recruit from our website, and, we hope, another worthy addition to Freemasonry in general, and Palatine in particular.  A flawless performance from all of the officers involved, which drew well deserved praise from all of those in attendance to witness it.  The candidate conducted himself very well, too, and had a really good night.

Also present on this occasion was the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W Bro Craig Steele, who was on hand to deliver a 50 year certificate for brother Albert Douglass.  Unfortunately, Albert has been a little under the weather these past few months and was unable to attend.  We plan on visiting him at his home, as soon as possible, to present the certificate to him.

On the second rising, the Worshipful Master presented the 'birthday cheque' to W Bro Craig.  A Palatine tradition, whereby the cheque increases by £1 for every year we have been in existence.  The cheque was made out for £262 pounds.  Another contribution to the Durham 2021 festival, but, as we're already platinum, it serves to increase our contribution, rather than hit a target.

Our Fraternal visitors on this occasion were Sunderland Lodge No. 4114, represented by their Senior Warden, and Quest Lodge No. 7102, represented by their newly installed Worshipful Master.  We were blessed with our regular visitors, too.

A fine festive board followed, with the usual toasts given.

Next month brings yet another initiation, the third of what will potentially be six in a row, taking us right through to recess.  I'm sure we will have another good crowd, and another good night.

Until the next time.