14 Apr 2018

Meeting - April 2018

Submitted by Wayne Rumley
WBro Tom Scott

I'm very pleased to report that we had a number of our brethren back with us at this meeting. Still a few missing, but most of the 'regulars' were once again in attendance.

After the Lodge was opened and the visitors admitted, we paid our respects to WBro Tom Scott, PPDepGReg, who sadly passed away on the 16th March. Tommy had been ill for most of the last year, having suffered a couple of strokes, so whilst his departure was not entirely unexpected, it was still heavily felt in the in lodge. He was well known in the area for providing harmony, and had sung the Master's song at countless Installations. On a personal note, he was the Master of the lodge when I was initiated in January 2010. His first full meeting as Master, and my first night as a brother. He made an immediate and lasting impression on me, and he will be very sadly missed.

The business of the evening was the passing of one of our Entered Apprentices. Due to prior commitments of our 'first' Entered Apprentice, it was our new brother from March that took his second step. I am pleased to say that it was clear to everyone that he had put a lot of effort into learning his part, and all of the officers involved in the evening performed admirably. Special mention should go to our guest ritualist of the night, WBro Richard Davison, PPGStwd, who delivered the Second Degree tracing board; this being the long version, and containing a number of passages that were new to a lot of the brethren in attendance. Well worth a listen if anyone hasn't seen it, either at our lodge next month, when I shall be asking him to do it again, or at his own lodge, Ernest Dixon No. 7856.

Fraternal visitors for the night were from Fawcett Lodge No. 661, Sancroft Lodge No. 4347, and Lodge of Loyalty No. 8635, each of whom were well supported by a number of their brethren. In total, we had 20+ visitors in attendance, and we very much appreciated their support and friendship.

A lively festive board ensued.

As I have already alluded to, we will be performing another Second Degree ceremony in May, and I hope we have as good an evening then as we did on this occasion.

Until the next time.