14 Jun 2024

June Round-up

Submitted by Wayne Rumley
Showcasing the newer members, May.

Heading off into recess in style, we welcomed new members at both our May and June meetings.  Ken joined us in May, a long-time colleague and friend of Denny, one of our more senior members.  Brian joined us in June, a long-time friend of some of our newer members.

We had met both socially and enjoyed beers and a curry on a few different occasions.  We knew they would be a great fit and we are pleased to be able to count them amongst our numbers.

Steve, the WM, on the left, Ken in the centre, Denny on the right

Brian pictured to the right of Steve, the WM, plus friends

We also hosted an unattached member at our June meeting.  David, a former member in Lincoln and further afield in Australia, recently relocated to Sunderland, and got in touch via the WhatsApp link on our Contact Us page.  We invited him along and he enjoyed himself so much he asked to join, and, ever prepared, a form was completed before the night was out.

For the third meeting in a row we had over 50 in attendance.  Long may it continue.  A well-worked and well-praised ceremony took place within the Lodge room and a great atmosphere at the festive board.  A good number also sojourned to the bar after the Tyler's toast, too, to continue their enjoyment of the night.

We'll be meeting up socially over recess, so if anyone out there is thinking about joining, or re-joining, get in touch, we'd be glad to have you along.

September is a planned Second Degree ceremony, and, as has become the norm, we expect to be doing Third Degree ceremonies in October and November, taking us nicely up to our Installation in December,

As ever, until the next time, RWR.

Some of our members at our June meeting, plus two guests