13 Jan 2023

A First for the First

Submitted by Wayne Rumley
The WM, Steve, the Candidate, Ian, and the SD, Ray.
The Festive Board

We started our year with yet another First Degree last night. We welcomed Bro Ian to the Lodge and to Freemasonry in general. He's pictured in the Lodge room with our WM, left, and SD, right, who were his Seconder and Proposer respectively, and have known him a combined total of over 70 years (yes, we hear you ask, why did they all wait so long!?)

As it was our Installation meeting last month, this was the first time the officers have performed their duties in their new offices. A few nerves on display but our longstanding reputation of great ritual continues.

As our Chef was out of action this week, we held our Festive Board at the local curry house, once again having to restrict dining to 30. Apologies to those that made the meeting but couldn't attend the Festive Board on this occasion. We look forward to having you all with us again soon. Perhaps next month - when we're performing another First...