10 Jun 2022

Continuing to Make History

Submitted by Wayne Rumley
The Lodge Warrant

As we head into our summer recess we decided to go out with a bang, performing the first double-initiation undertaken by the Lodge in over twenty years, and certainly the first ever undertaken by the current Officers of the Lodge.  Given we only had one Lodge of Instruction to rehearse the double, all of those that took part can be immensely proud of the ritual on display, once again upholding the high standards we place upon ourselves.

We welcomed Bernabe and Edmer into the Lodge, both having been introduced to us by WBro Mante Gauuan of Lodge of Philanthropy, No. 940, in Stockton, who recommended that they join a Lodge close to home in Sunderland. They have been patiently waiting for a number of months whilst we worked through a small back-log of other initiations and performed some long-overdue Third Degree ceremonies.  We are sure they will be a great addition to the Lodge and we look forward to enjoying many years in their company.

Of our six meetings this year we have had two members, Bros' Kitching, complete their third degrees, and we have introduced five new members to the Lodge.  We also welcomed back Bro Andy Barr, who has rejoined the Lodge after a four-year break having taken time out to concentrate on his young family.  Work is continuing with a few other potential candidates.  Here's hoping we can add even more strength and depth.

Pictured below with the Worshipful Master are the 2022 intake. It is a sign not only of our bright future, but also of our tremendous history, as the Worshipful Master is holding our Lodge Warrant, which is the original and dates back to our consecration on 14th January 1757.  At 265 years old, it is 11 years older than the combined age of 254 of the six members pictured!

2022 EAs
2022 Initiates with the Worshipful Master

2022 EAs
Again, with the addition of two of our Fellowcrafts

As is recent tradition with Palatine at our June meeting, we adjourned to the local curry house for our Festive Board.  We were joined by our good friends from Ernest Dixon Lodge, No. 7856, on the occasion of their Fraternal visit, and, with numbers strictly limited to 30, a handful of selected guests.  We had to turn some people down.  It provided a great, albeit late, end to the first half of our year.

The Festive Board

Lots to look forward to over recess, and even more to look forward to when we're back in action in September.

Until the next time.