Modernised Biographies


When W Bro Watson compiled his Volume 1 he explained the reasons for the method he had adopted to fully portray the history of the first 150 years of the lodge. He ended his explanation by stating:-

“and paying tribute to the careers of certain exemplary characters”.

In reviewing this admirable section of his work I felt that it may be interesting to expand and update facts relating to a number of these very interesting characters.

The results achieved can be found by using the Index below and in some instances I have established connections to the World Wide Web where comments and further information is available to the reader.

Bro. Michael Scarth
Bro. Rowland Burdon
Bro. John Biss
Bro. Richard Spoor
Bro. Hardy
Bro. Alderman B Levy
Bro. R Hudson
Bro. J C Moor
Bro. Sir Robert Peat
Bro. J F Stanfield
Bro. Dr. Clanny
Bro. W Shield
Bro. Wright
Bro. Sir C Sharp
Bro. James Cawdell
Bro. T Grieves
Bro. V A Williamson