12 Sep 2020

Meeting - September 2020

Submitted by Wayne Rumley

Well, after a forced absence due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we had our first meeting back on the 10th September.

Restrictions still in place meant that we were not able to have visitors, and a good number of our own brethren still feel it is unsafe to return.  As a lodge we also feel that the amendments required to perform a ceremony would detract too much from the spectacle, and we are not prepared to carry one out in the current circumstances.

A vote was taken amongst the, drastically reduced, members there, and we have decided we shall not meet again until social distancing rules have been eased and we are once again able to fully enjoy each others company around the festive board.  We shall continue to make use of online technology to keep in touch, and will meet socially without the lodge once local restrictions allow us so to do.

We will come back from this stronger, I'm sure, with an ever lengthening list of ceremonies to get through, and new brothers to make.

Here's looking forward to brigher times.