18 Sep 2017

Meeting - September 2017

Submitted by Wayne Rumley

September is the other meeting in our calendar that is often beset by a long list of absentees; holiday season still being upon us.

Due to that, it was always intended that we would do something in which we were well practiced, so an enactment of the First Degree ceremony was the business of the night. We still had to pull in one ringer for the night, though, W Bro Richard Davison, PPGStwd, to act in the capacity of IPM, as our IPM was acting as the Secretary!

The night also saw the welcome return of W Bro Keith Armitage, who, due to work and family commitment (no longer living in the region) has been unable to attend for quite some time, not since he vacated the Chair in December 2014! A strong ritualist, he was put to work straight away, acting as our SW for the night! Here's hoping it isn't quite as long until he is able to make another return.

Fraternal visitors for the night were Nautilus Lodge No. 4259, ably represented by their JW, Bro Ian Wardle, who is fast becoming a regular face at Palatine.

We also had to say goodbye to W Bro Joe Thompson, PPGSwdB, who unfortunately passed to the GL Above on the 29th August after a short illness. Joe was a true ambassador for our lodge and for Freemasonry in general, having acted as secretary for a good number of years until illness forced his hand. He could always be counted on for his support on our fraternal visits, and also acted as Tyler for Vedra Lodge. He will be missed by all those that knew him.

A smaller than expected number at the festive board made for a very relaxed and jovial evening. After everyone was fed and watered, around half of us retired to the bar for another round or two of drinks.

Once more, a good night was had by all.

Our October meeting brings a live Third Degree ceremony. We will be raising Bro Paul Wallace. An event we are all looking forward to.

Until the next time.