16 May 2017

Meeting - May 2017

Submitted by Wayne Rumley

Another quiet one for us this month, with no fewer than six officers of the Lodge absent due to work, holidays, and other commitments.

The business of the evening was an enactment of the First Degree ceremony, and despite only the Worshipful Master and Junior Deacon being in their regular offices, with some juggling, and the assistance of a few recruits from other Lodges, we still managed to pull it off! I must give thanks to W Bro Eddie Forster of Sportmans Lodge No. 9440 (JW) and Bro Ian Wardle of Nautilus Lodge No. 4259 (IG) for filling the gaps we couldn't slot someone in to.

Fraternal visitors for the night were from Mowbray Lodge No. 5373, their Worship Master being represented by W Bro Stan Samson, a visitor so regular to our Lodge that I'd been a member almost a year before I knew he was a visitor.

Food was plentiful at the Festive Board as we'd over-catered for the numbers in attendance, so there are some advantages to a quieter night...

A good night missed by many, but enjoyed by those that were there.

For our June meeting, we will be having a repeat of last year, a very short night within the lodge room, signing off for recess, then straight down to Yuvraaj for a curry. I'm looking forward to that one.

Until the next time.