10 Feb 2018

Meeting - February 2018

Submitted by Wayne Rumley

We planned a lecture this month, however, due to the late absence of the brother that was due to deliver it, as he was held up at work, and no-one else having a copy of it to hand, we ended up having an impromptu talk given to us by a special visitor on the evening; W Bro George Laverick. He is Clerk of the Works at the Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Albans, and gave us a very interesting insight into some of the things they have discovered.

We hope to have him back on some future occasion to hear his full talk, complete with a slideshow and his notes!

Our Fraternal visitors on this occasion were Sunderland Lodge No. 4114, represented by their Worshipful Master, and Quest Lodge No. 7102, represented by their Senior Warden. Both were accompanied by a number of brethren.

A very friendly festive board followed the meeting.

All being well, we have 'live' ceremonies lined up for the rest of this calendar year, starting with a new Initiate in March. We're hoping for a good turn-out!

Until the next time.