10 Feb 2017

Meeting - February 2017

Submitted by Wayne Rumley

A quiet meeting by our regular standards, with over twenty brethren absent for one reason or another.

We gave a lecture on the evening entitled The Masonic Apron. Palatine Lodge has been fortunate in being able to count many keen historians amongst its members, past and present, and this lecture was written by W Bro EG Watson, author of volume one of our Lodge history, and was compiled into the Palatine Book of Lectures by Bro GE Pearson in 1914.

The lecture explains the significance of the colour of the apron, and details the size and colour requirements, too. It also offers insight into some often compared honours, such as the Golden Fleece, the Roman Eagle, and the Garter. The brethren present found it highly informative.

We also had the pleasing duty of presenting Bro Ron Crossley with a Lodge certificate for 50 years in the Craft. The Lodge certificate is a tradition we have maintained for a number of years, with W Bro Randall Oliver doing the honours of creating each certificate for us. It is then signed by the Worshipful Master and Secretary, before being presented to the recipient. Ron was most impressed with his.

Ron was initiated into Westoe Lodge No. 4750 on 22nd February 1967, passed on 25th July 1968, and raised 30th September 1968. He became a joining member of Palatine Lodge on 12th February 1970. To Ron's great delight, we not only gave him the certificate, but also a summons from the evening on which he joined us. 

Ron will receive his Provincial certificate at our April meeting.

Fraternal visitors for the night were W Bro Chris Morris, Worshipful Master of Sunderland Lodge No. 4114, and W Bro Mel Herbert, Worshipful Master of Quest Lodge No. 7102, both accompanied by a number of brethren. We were most glad of their company as it made for a more enjoyable night and friendly festive board. We trust they enjoyed our company, too.

Our meeting in April is shaping up to be quite an event. We will be passing Bro Paul Wallace, and W Bro Joe Laidler will be receiving his 50 year certificate. We already have in the region of 100 brethren with confirmed attendance, so there is very little room left at the festive board, but any brother wishing to attend would receive a warm welcome in the lodge room. 

I hope to see a few of you there!