16 Dec 2023

Installation - December 2023

Submitted by Wayne Rumley
WM, WBro Steve Thompson

Once again, December brings the close of one year and the start of another. WBro Steve Thompson will remain as Worshipful Master for a second year, after a very successful first year, and what better way to commemorate that than by providing a recap of our year.

January brought with it a rejoining member and an Initiation, another Initiation in February, a Second Degree in March, a double Second Degree in April, another double Second Degree in May (with a visitor from Terre Haute Lodge in America), the celebration of 50 years in the Craft for VWBro Denny Wilson in June, another Initiation in September, plus a flying visit to Jersey to present a 70 year certificate to our oldest member, a Third Degree in October, a Ladies Night in October, a Third Degree in November, an Emergency Meeting in November for another Third Degree, plus a trip to Windsor Lodge in South Wales, followed by this meeting for Steve's Proclamation. And breathe! It's been a busy one, but we've still found time to make a number of charitable donations. Check the site for details of some of those.

Our evening started by balloting for thirteen joining members, all from Amity Lodge No. 3193 that sadly had to hand in its warrant in October.  The ballot was unanimously in favour of them joining, and we're pleased they have chosen Palatine to be their new home.  We look forward to many happy years together.

The WM and our new members

The Province of Durham always sends a Representative of the Provincial Grand Master to each Installation in the Province, and we were pleased to welcome WBro Richard Davison, Provincial Senior Grand Warden, and great friend of the Lodge, as the Representative on this occasion.  He was very warmly received.

Laughing at him or with him? Richard responding to the Provincial Toast

We then proceeded to the main business of the evening, proclaiming Steve as the Worshipful Master and him appointing his officers for the year.  Whilst we could have just proclaimed him without doing much of anything, we still wanted to put on a bit of show and make it an event, so we produced a new piece of ritual for the Board of Installed Masters.  If you want to see it, you'll have to wait until we have another continuing Master, but suffice it to say, it went over well with those there and qualified to witness it.

Steve then proceeded to invest his Officers with ease, after which the addresses were delivered in the Lodge in the same well-measured manner.  A fine show for those in attendance.

The WM and his new Wardens

A great Festive Board followed the meeting, which was then followed by a bit of a sing-a-long and a few drinks in the bar. A great time had by all.

After Hours

We still have a lot of work outstanding, 21 ceremonies to perform, and I'm sure we'll have more people wanting to join along the way so that number will no doubt change.

The members of Palatine in attendance, along with our friends from Ernest Dixon, WBro Richard as the Rep and his accompanying DC, WBro Anthony.

37 of our members, plus Richard and Anthony

May we take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a prosperous and happy 2024. For us, it's got a hard act to follow!