10 Dec 2016

Installation - December 2016

Submitted by Wayne Rumley
Russell Wayne Rumley - WM

Another fine evening was spent on Thursday 8th December, 2016.

Having been re-elected Master, in my absence, at our November meeting, I was duly installed into the chair at our December meeting, or rather, proclaimed in the chair. As it is now quite common for Masters' of the lodge to serve a second consecutive term, the province have proposed a new ceremony for this situation, and having adapted it slightly to fit in with Palatine workings, it was performed thus.

The representative on the evening was the Provincial Senior Grand Warden, Worshipful Brother Charles Frederick George Walton, and it was the first time he had witnessed the, much shortened, ceremony, as it most likely was for most of the brethren in attendance.

With the investment of the new officers, we now have brothers in both wardens' chairs, and I look forward to seeing them progressing.

It is the first time for me that I have not moved office! Initiated in January 2010, I was invested as inner guard at our December installation of that year, and moved up the ladder to each successive office until reaching the chair last year. I'm not going for the hat-trick, even though I know I shall miss being the master when the time comes.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first year as master, and I'm sure the second year will be even better, given that I am initiating a friend at our January meeting. We will also be marking our 260th anniversary and will have a 50th certificate presentation. It would be good to see a nice turnout for the occassion.

Here's wishing you all a great Christmas and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in the new year.

Wayne Rumley, WM.