History, 1937-2007

VOLUME 3 HISTORY 1937-2007

Compiled by W Bro C H M Culkin

The year-by-year working of any lodge does not normally bring forth events, either from the lodge itself or from the influence of the wider world which may be deemed worthy of note in a masonic history. 

However, Palatine Lodge has been fortunate in having a long, eventful and colourful history with many noteworthy and significant members who have attained prominence in Freemasonry and in their own private and professional avocations.

As far as my allocation of the last 70 years of history is concerned I felt it expedient to set it out in seven 10-year periods with data gleaned from a strict examination of the minute books for each period and from other authentic sources.

Where possible I have used photographs and copies of original documents with explanatory notes rather than large tracts of text.

I sincerely hope that by combining the work of the 3 authors, each of whom has produced his section of the history directly from the lodge records, I have provided easy and direct access to the real meat of this wonderful history for the members of Palatine lodge in particular and hopefully for students of Masonic history generally.