Invested 12th December 2019

(Proclamation Ceremony - 9th September 2021 - All officers continuing in place)

Worshipful Master
WBro Paul Staines

Immediate Past Master
WBro Martin Pigford, PPGSwdB

Senior Warden
Bro Steve Thompson, PPGPurs

Junior Warden
WBro Martin G Nicholson, PPGReg

WBro Joseph E Laidler, PAGDC, PPJGW

WBro Trevor Thompson, PPGSwdB

Director of Ceremonies
WBro Russell Wayne Rumley, PPGStwd

WBro Joseph E Laidler, PAGDC, PPJGW

Charity Steward
WBro Paul Staines

Lodge Mentor  (click to email)
WBro Russell Wayne Rumley, PPGStwd

Senior Deacon
WBro Martin Pigford, PPGSwdB

Junior Deacon
Bro Ray Lathan

Assistant Secretary
Bro Kyle Kitching

Inner Guard
Bro Liam Phillipson

WBro Bill H Finkle, PPGReg

WBro Lawrie Bell, PPJGD

Bro Chris McGrath
Bro Martin Thompson
Bro Shaun Kitching



Royal Arch Representative
WBro Trevor Thompson, PPGSwdB

Representative on the Directorate of The Wearside Masonic Temple
WBro Russell Wayne Rumley, PPGStwd

Representative on the Benevolent Committee
WBro Trevor Thompson, PPGSwdB

Delegated Grand Lodge Officer
WBro Roy N Neville, PJGD, PProvGReg



Past Masters

1963 WBro H Carter,TD,PProvAGStB

1971 WBro James E Harker, PAGDC, PPJGW  -  †

1976 WBro Joseph E Laidler, PAGDC, PPJGW

1979 WBro Robert S Parsons, PPAGDC

1982 VWBro Professor Denovan K Wilson, PGSwdB, PDepProvGM

1983 WBro John Cooper, PProvAGReg  -  †

1986 WBro Joe L Thompson, PPGSwdB  -  †

1987 WBro Jack Thompson, PPJGW  -  †

1989 WBro Jim F Harker, PPJGD

1990 WBro Alan Prest, PPGStB

1991 WBro George Johnstone, PPJGW

1992 WBro Laurie J P Coutts, PPGSwdB  -  †

1993 WBro Alan Richardson

1995 WBro Martin Pigford, PPGStB

1996 WBro Norman Williamson, PPSGD

1997 WBro Norman Williamson, PPSGD

1998 WBro Ian A Milne, PPGSwdB

1999 WBro Joseph E Laidler, PAGDC, PPJGW    

2003 WBro George Johnstone, PPJGW

2004 WBro Trevor Thompson, PPSGD

2005  WBro Trevor Thompson, PPSGD

2007 WBro Martin G Nicholson, PPGReg

2008  WBro Martin G Nicholson, PPGReg

2009 WBro Thomas R Scott, PPDepGReg  -  †

2010  WBro Thomas R Scott, PPDepGReg  -  †

2011 WBro Alan Collings

2012 WBro Alan Collings

2013 WBro Keith Armitage

2014  WBro Martin G Nicholson, PPGReg

2015  WBro Russell Wayne Rumley, PPGStwd

2016  WBro Russell Wayne Rumley, PPGStwd

2017  WBro Martin G Nicholson, PPGReg

2018  WBro Martin Pigford, PPGSwdB



Members - Past Masters in Other Lodges

WBro Laurie J P Coutts, PPGSwdB, Lodge No, 6845, 1985  -  †

WBro F Dawson, PPGReg, Lodge No. 5881, 1990

WBro Harry F Watts, PPGSwdB, Lodge No. 6845, 1980

WBro J Thompson, PProvSGD, Lodge No. 6845, 1991

WBro Andrew Agnew, PPGSwdB, Lodge No. 8763 (Derby), 2000

WBro Bill H Finkle, PPGReg, Lodge No. 5841, 1992 and 2007

WBro Lawrie Bell, PPJGD, Lodge No. 2935, 1995


†  -  Deceased